Rental prices for the Kaurila Sauna

Minimum rental period is two hours.

Kaurila Sauna house.

Groups of 1 to 6 people:  90€/Hour

Groups of 7 to 10 people:  125€/Hour

Groups of 11 to 15 people:  150€/Hour

Please note that the Kaurila Sauna will be heated ahead of time and will thus be ready for your group upon arrival.

Please follow the steps below in order to secure a booking at the Kaurila sauna:
-Check the online calendar for availability
-E-mail to reserve the available date and time.
(Wait until you get response. )
-Use the online store to pay for the EUR 150 advance booking fee
-Once the booking fee has been paid, your reservation is confirmed
An invoice will be issued for the remaining balance for the event which can be settled by cash, card payment or bank transfer.
Please note that the advance booking fee is non-refundable.

The Kaurila sauna proprietor reserves the right to exercise their discretion in determining whether exceptional circumstances (e.g. force majeure) are in effect which may entitle the client to a refund of the advance booking fee