History of Kaurila Station

The "Karelia track", which runs from Vyborg to Sortavala and Joensuu (on the eastern border of Finland), had a new station building built along it in 1894.

Kaurila station

The station was named "Haiseva station" after a nearby pond.

The villagers did not think the name to be appropriate (haiseva meaning smelly in Finnish) for such a beautiful building and therefore the name was changed to "Kaurila Station", after the village it was located in.


The railway station brought about a period of rapid growth for the village.

The population of the village increased and a need for a school arose.
Furthermore, a milk processing plant was set up, a bank and a convenience store were opened and the post office started to operate from the station building.


During the wartime, Kaurila station saw many soldiers pass through it as it was located close to the frontline.

There is even a picture of Marshal Mannerheim at the Kaurila station.

Marshal Mannerheim

By the time the station building was taken apart log by log in 1994, it had already been out of use for 10 years.


For the purpose of transferring the building to old Meilahti in Helsinki, each and every window, door and even the stone foundations were carefully numbered.


This allowed for the precise reassembling of the building on its current site.
Once in old Meilahti, some carefully thought out annexes were added to the building such as the conservatory and the verandah in order for it to better blend in with the existing houses in the area.


Kaurila was further extended in 2007. The extension came from a hundred year old building in the village of Tausta.
As with the original transfer, each log was numbered before being transported to and reassembled in old Meilahti.


Currently, Kaurila station is the much loved home for two sisters and their families.

Villa Kaurila

Kaurila Sauna

The Kaurilan sauna building dates back to the 19th century.

It was transferred to its current location from Tuusula. It is a traditional log cabin painted with red ochre paint. This beautiful authentic sauna is open for public. You may buy tickets for public sauna or you can book private sauna event for your group.